Rubberducks weiterhin mit weißer Weste an der Tabellenspitze der ABBQS
28. Mai 2017
29. Mai 2017


For the Chicklets a busy weekend full of softball was coming up with games against the Wandererson thursday and the Witches Linz on sunday.

Thursdays´ games in Vienna showed a Wanderers lineup that put pressure on the Chicklets defense right from the first pitch. If there was a strikezone, Paula did her best to find it, but the Wanderers started hitting very well and after 4 innings they had 6 runs on the scoreboard. On the other side it seemed as if the Chicklets did not swing their bats at all, but in the 5th they suddenly came alive and supported by some misplayed balls from the Wanderers defense, they scored 4 runs. In the sixth inning they got runners on base again and Yvonne Weis put down a nice bunt before an overthrow to rightfield even scored herself. So after 6 innings the Chicklets took a 6:7 lead and the Wanderers got Denise Orlovits-Zaidan in the circle. While this stopped the Chicklets offenve, the hometeam kept on scoring and after 7 they Wanderers took the ballgame 10:7.

In game 2 Kaycee Prevedel for the Chicklets faced Chelsea Gallo from the Wanderers. Again the Wanderers got a better start and scored a run in the 1st. Chelsea Robinson got the Chicklets´ first basehit in the 3rd inning but in the fourth Kaycee hit a triple way down to the left field fence and scored on a single by Paula Leinweber. In the 6th inning it was again Kaycee that went for a double but got stranded on the bases. The Wanderers then got two runners over the plate and won the game 3:1

„We commited to many errors – that killed us in the end. If we don´t hit well, the defense must play at its best and that took not place today.“ said coach Filarowski. „We need to be more aggressive at the plate and in the field. We didn´t seem confident enough, but that will come back and then we will take on anyone who is in our way.“