11. Juni 2017
ABBQS 3. Spieltag
19. Juni 2017


Thursdays games were Chicklets vs. M-Stars, usually a guarantee for intense and good softball games. In game 1 for the Chicklets once again Verena Ponweiser starts in the circle, her opposite is Carla Langthaler. The M-Stars start off well in their offensive and score 4 runs in the first inning, while the Chicklets have only one run on the board. The game continues, as well as the leadership of the M-Stars, but the Chicklets slowly but surely catch up. Weaknesses and some walks in the M-Stars pitching finally result change of pitchers and the home team is perfectly set up for Julia Harringer. So after the pitchers change the Chicklets, led off by Chelsea Robinson, hammer in a series of base hits, which turns the game in the 5th inning and gives the Chicklets a 7-12 lead. The M-stars don´t give up and Nicole Thomas tries to stretch a triple into the gap between rightfield and centerfield to be an in-the-park homerun. But Laila Burian, rightfielder of the Chicklets does not like the idea, throws the ball perfectly from the warning wrack to relay Mara Benckendorff, who fires a spectacular shot into the glove of Catcher Chelsea Robinson for the tag on the homeplate and the defensive highlight of the day. This stops the offensive of the M-Stars and the Chicklets celebrate an 8-11 comeback win in the first game.

In the game 2 Kaycee Prevedel and Nicole Thomas face each other on the mound. And both pitchers face the plate umpire, with whose strikezone on this day both pitchers and batters of the two teams have to fight. The guests score 2 runs immediately in the first inning, whilst the Chicklets can get only one run on the scoreboard. The second inning is uneventful, but in the third inning the M-Stars can extend their lead with 2 more runs to 4-1. In the 5th inning the Chicklets are able catch up 2 runs and shorten to 3-4, the tying run even manages to get to 3rd base. But then the hometeam gets no other player over the plate and with 3 fast outs in the 7 inning the M-Stars fix the tight 4-3 win and the split in Wiener Neustadt.

Chelsea Robinson: „We didn´t start good in game 1, but we never lost our confidence. It was just a matter of time to come back. That is just what we did and we came back strong. Believing in ourselves was the best part of the game. Game 2 was a bit strange, because no one knew exactly about the strike-zone: pitchers, catchers and coaches of both teams tried to find out, but no one really succeded, i guess. So it was a tough game and we unfortunately lost it by one run. We would have liked it the other way round, but that is softball – and there are more games to play. We will try our best every time because our own effort is the only thing that we can control.“