Buttermaker Wanderpokal in Händen der Rubberducks
14. August 2018
24. August 2018


Game 1 on the Chicklets‘ roadtrip to Vorarlberg shows an almost perfect outing of V in the circle, keeping the Sharx quiet at the plate before they score their first run in the 6th. The Chicks score 2 runs in the 3rd and in the 6th „theKid23“ aka „Tower of Power“ sends one screaming over the centerfield fence for a 3 run homer. Getting 3 more over the plate in the 7th makes the final score CC 8 – SX 1.
Game 2 started as well as planned by Eidy, before 2 infield bloopers disappeared in the sun and gave the Sharx 2 baserunners that scored the first runs. With the momentum on their side the hometeam kept up the pressure on the Chicklets defense and scored 4 more during the game. The guests also created a number of baserunners but they could not manage to get them over the plate. Final score was CC 0 – SX 6.
„The split showed the great defensive skills of our team. We also had our chances in game 2, but our hitting still needs to improve. Paula did a great job in center, V in the circle and Mara on short – just to mention some „Leistungsträger“. This team mostly is made up from the young generation and I’m glad to have them in my team, knowing their dedication and heart for the game. Giving them confidence, and some time and room to grow and develope will do the rest. We know we can’t buy experience – so we grow step after step, season after season….“