24. August 2018
22. Mai 2019

Good start in the 2019 SBL season for the Chicklets farm team. Alexandra Egger and Paula Leinweber in the circle led the red squad to wins against the Schwechat Bumblebees and the Banshees/Wanderers 2. Even the missing of starting players like Emma Hanika (sick), Lya Schneider and Zoe Filarowski (both joining Team Austria for the Donaupokal in Budapest) did not matter at all. Sophie Köcher-Schulz got her first league games under her belt and with her base running debut as a pinch runner, Heidi Szabo, another speedy youngster, became an official Chicklet: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, HEIDI !!!

„Its been a windy day at the field but still feels great to be back on the dirt again,“ coach Filarowski said after the games. „First games of the season are always a bit shaky. Some players must get used to that certain amount of nervousness, some must get game ready at all. But that is what we’ve been here for today: the second league is a big help for our softball program since we started to play in the SBL. Together with the new YSL program it gives our young players more game time. Our Future Chicklets will benefit a lot from playing along with some more experienced girls. Our next SBL games are on Sunday so there’s no time to waste…. – with our ASL season opener against the Vienna M-Stars on Saturday its a busy week for us!“

swinging and posing…..