29. Mai 2018
11. Juni 2018


On Saturday it was Wanderers time again for the Chicklets. This time taking a trip to the cap city for their first road games of the season. Game 1 saw the regular starting pitchers of both teams – Olivia Bettstein for the Wanderers and Verena Ponweiser for the Chicklets. The Chicklets´ first offensive inning saw some kind of a bumpy start with some contacts but no real good hits. Nevertheless the girls in the red jerseys managed to score 2 runs on Bettstein while V started really well into the game and retired the top of the Wanderers lineup with a fly out, a strikeout and a groundout. The second inning looked pretty much like the first with the Chicklets scoring another run and V kept on dominating in the circle. The third inning went by scoreless on both sides. A pitchers change brought Denise Orlovits-Zaidan for the struggling Olivia Bettstein and the Wanderers, but that didn´t make things better. In the fourth the Chicklets´bats came alive and the guest team started to score run after run. With 6 runs added, they strechted their lead to 9:0 before the Wanderers got their first runner across the plate. After a scoreless 5th inning the game was ended by mercy rule 9:1.

Game 2 saw the same pitchers on the Wanderers´side while Eidy Tortolero went to work for the Chicklets. After seeing both pitchers in game 1 the Chicklets batters were prepared this time. A walk and two well executed bunts loaded the bases before the Tower of Power came to action. A shot to the outfield fence by Kailyn Campbell ended up as a triple and scored the first runs for the Chicklets. The team stayed hungry and the whole lineup threatened Denise in the circle until the Wanderers decided that its time for a pitchers´ change. But the damage was done and after the first the Chicklets had a very well deserved 10:0 lead. On the other side the Wanderers could not find a way to score a run on Eidy, who retired the side with 3 groundouts. In the 2nd and 3rd inning things stayed pretty much the same like in the first: The Chicklets hitting really well: especially the Tower of Power looked like a gun turret under arms, firing shots all over place as well as Mara Benckendorff and Paula Leinweber, who also did some work for her batting average by adding a triple and a double Time flies by in games like this and after 3 innings the final score was 22:0 – game over and a shutout by Eidy Tortolero…

„The outcome of the games today is pretty awesome“, coach Filarowski said after the games. „In game 1 the outstanding weapon on our side was V – collecting 5 Ks and keeping the Wanderers bats really quiet through the game gave us a good feeling although we did not support her with runs as much as we would have liked. At least in the first 2 innings. In game 2 we saw some great hitting from the whole team . I liked very much that they stayed hungry after taking a big lead. Outstanding hitting by Kailyn – she also send a bullet straight over my head into foul territory. I´m glad she went for the fence bc on a linedrive or groundball I would have had no chance to get out of the way…. Eidy did the rest. Good job by the whole team. Well, after four games against the Wanderers with a final score of 51:1 you don´t have much to complain about…“