29. Mai 2017
18. Juni 2017


On Saturday 10th of June it looked as if the two homegames against the Wanderers showed two different Chicklets teams. For game one they named Verena Ponweiser as starting pitcher. Although she delivered well, the Wanderers lineup started hitting her in the first inning. With the wind blowing in the Cicklets outfielders misjudged some flyballs and the guestteam scored three runs. On the other side nothing happened and in top 2 the Wanderers added three more runs. With 0-6 the Chicklets batters came to life and they scored 3 runs in bottom 2 to cut the Wanderers´ lead in half. After 4 innings the score was 4-7 but then things got worse. Some errors in the Chicklets defense were punished by the Wanderers hitters who scored run after run, most of them not earned by Verena Ponweiser. On first base Angela Reiter got seriously injured on her left knee and was replaced by Vicky Unterrainer. Although Angela Reiter visited the hospital later, there is still no complete diagnosis about her injury. Hopefully it looked worse than it really is and she will be able to come back soon. The Chicklets did not get another player over the plate in game one and after 6 the final score was 4-14.

In the 30 minutes break between games coach Fili got his girls together for a short announcement. „I´m not happy with game one and i don´t mean the score but i mean the way you played it“, he said. „I know how good you are and I know how many quality players I have in my team, but it looked as if you don´t know about it. If you don´t believe in yourself then there is no point in playing another game. If you keep on doing this, it´s better if I go over and we give the game away. I don´t wanna stand in the coaches box and watch something like that again. I want you to stand up and fight.“

So Kaycee Prevedel went to work as we know her, putting away the top of the Wanderers lineup in the 1st inning. For the Chicklets leadoff Chelsea Robinson took a deep breath and singled up the middle to get on base. Followed by Verena Ponweiser who laid down a beautiful bunt she took off, rounded second and came in a popup slide at third. With runner in scoring position, two outs and two strikes Ina Kaindl hit a groundball up the middle to score Chelsea Robinson for the first run of the game. The Wanderers struck back strong in the 2nd inning nd scored a run too. From there both import pitchers cruised through their defensive innings pretty solid keeping the game tied at 1. With the top of the seventh inning over Kaycee still had only one run committed and 8 Ks on her side and the tie breaker was within reach for both teams. Bottom 7th Kaycee herself got on base and Yvonne Weis tried to move her over to second base with a bunt, but the Wanderers defense worked good and Yvonne reached first base on fielder´s choice. On a passed ball she advanced to second base, before Paula Leinweber hit a short popfly behind first base that ended in no man´s land. With runners on first and third and only one out, youngster Louise McGarry came up to hit. And she didn´t make any prisoners there by looping the first pitch over the left infield side to score Yvonne Weis for a 2-1 walk-off win